Beginner Fitness Hoops on Sale

$ 24.95 You Save: $-24.95 (100%)

Beginner Fitness Hoops on Sale

$ 24.95 You Save: $-24.95 (100%)
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Thursday, Sep 29 - Sunday, Oct 02
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Why are these hoops on sale?

Some of these hoops are returns, some are practice hoops for our new hoop tapers, some might have a minor scratch on them or the tape is scuffed.


We sell on Amazon, and Amazon customers sometimes have no idea what they want, so they buy something and then return it a few days later saying something like;

  • it doesn't work, it falls down.
  • It's too heavy.
  • It's too light.
  • It's too big.
  • It's too small.
  • It isn't weighted.
  • It doesn't have water in it.

Etc, etc etc. We get returns for everything under the sun someone can think of to say. 


These hoops are PERFECT working order, they are functionally sound.


  • There may be some blemishes on the tape from shipping. 
  • There might be a scuff here and there on the tape.
  • They might be a hoop that was taped by one of our new team members when they were learning how to tape. 
  • The hoop might not be a perfect circle.
  • You might get a hoop made up of 4 sections of different colors of hoops. 
  • You may get a hoop that is BRAND SPANKING NEW. 
  • You might get a hoop that usually costs around $75.  


Get one for yourself if you are a beginner or just want an on-body hoop to flow with. 

Grab a 10- pack of them for your fitness studio, gym or school. 

Get one for a friend as a gift. 


You can't go wrong with our Beginner Hoops on Sale!

Returns & Warranty

Every hoop we make is custom made to order, meaning you order exactly what you want and we build it and ship it to you. Our hoops are not manufactured in a factory somewhere and thus since everything is custom to order, we do NOT except returns. However we do accept exchanges.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Kathleen McBride
Putting the fun into workouts!

Love this hoop!

Savannah Jacobs
Exactly what I was looking for

Perfect beginner hoop. Great weight it, perfect size. I’m 5’2 and 135 for reference. Really enjoyed hooping with this.

Louise Morman
LOVE the hoola hoop

I am very happy with my hoola hoop. Works great!

Janice Dilg

Beginner Fitness Hoops on Sale

Deborah Grogan
Canyon Hoops Order not received

I ordered two hukla hoops 14 days ago and haven't received the products.

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