About our Hoops

Hoop Materials

When we talk about our hoops the emphasis is on custom hoops made in the USA. Canyon Hoops started when there were very few sites that sold custom hoops. Most hoops are made of polyethylene tubing, made in a variety of tubing lengths and diameters. Polyethylene tubing is a strong and flexible tubing material, first measured and classified by the inside diameter of the tubing, then by the pressure per square inch the tubing can withstand before bursting. This measurement is referred to as the tubing’s pounds per square inch, or PSI. Most custom hoops are made from three-quarters or one inch inside tubing diameters, and between 100 psi to 160 psi. The PSI is determined by the thickness of the tubing wall, thus a 200 psi hoop would normally be twice as strong and twice the weight of a 100 psi hoop of the same overall diameter.


Manufacturers aren’t Equal

Performance and durability can vary greatly between competitors. Hoops will generally take a lot of abuse — being pushed, pulled, stepped on, dropped, etc — and hoops with a lower PSI show wear and damage faster. Many hoops have an internal weight mechanism like water or sand, which causes a hoop to become unbalanced and therefore less effective for fun and exercise. All Canyon hoops vary the weight by increasing or decreasing the weight of the tubing. Canyon hoops have approximately 25 to 50% thicker walls, weigh more, and are more durable than all other competitor’s polyethylene hoops. Canyon hoops are almost indestructible.


Quality is a hallmark that is evident when talking about our hoops. Not only are our hoops’ higher quality, we usually have a lower price per hoop than our competitors.

We source all of our materials here in the US. Our prismatic, fluorescent, glitter and gaffer grip tape designer series is made with a 1″ decorative and gaffer grip tapes for a slightly higher price per hoop.


Dance and Performance

Our Dance and Performance Hoop is ideal for the beginning hoop dancer, and the lighter weight hoops in this class, Dance Hoop Advanced and Polypro Hoops are for intermediate and experienced hoopers.

Dance Hoops are lighter than exercise and fitness hoops, as they are designed for faster rotation, allowing the hooper easier vertical movement, isolations, bumps, and flashy tricks. When training and learning, the lighter weight of dance hoops makes for a literally less painful learning experience.


This category also includes our Infinity Collapsible Dance Pro, Polypro, LED and Mini Hoops; all lighter hoops for dance, performance, exercise and fun for all ages.


Tricks & Performance Polypro

The featherweight PolyPro hoop is the go-to hoop for the intermediate and advanced hooper. Small and ultra-lightweight, which is ideal for hand manipulation tricks, directional changes, and breaks. Now with “snap button” connections that won’t fly apart during use and allows you to disconnect and collapse the hoop for travel.

We carry both 5/8″ and 3/4″ O.D. tubing in five beautiful metallic color options.


Exercise, Fitness, Beginner Hoops

Canyon Hoops in this category are specifically designed for exercise, fitness routines, dance, and just plain fun for the whole family. You can choose from a large variety of size, weight and color configurations to suit your particular needs.  This category consists of Weighted Exercise Hoops, Two in One Fitness Hoop and Infinity Collapsible Exercise Hoops.


Choose between 38″, 42″ or take the guesswork out of choosing the right size hoop by getting both sizes in one hoop, by selecting Two in One option. The smaller hoop requires a little extra effort to rotate but gives you more of an aerobic workout. The larger hoop is easier to rotate, is easier for beginners and allows you to maintain your hooping for longer periods. Custom sizes available by request.

Canyon weighted exercise hoops are made from 3/4″ .824″ I.D. 1.060″ O.D. 160 PSI polyethylene tubing with a minimum wall thickness of .118″ and weigh .1538 lbs per foot.

Hoops are cut to size and cleaned for maximum tape adhesion. The tape will not unravel during use. 

Reflective, Prismatic, and Glitter tapes are also available in designer colors and patterns, along with 1″ gaffer tape for extra grip when hoop dancing, performing tricks and off-body moves.


Collapsible Travel

The only US Patented Collapsible Travel Hoop! Infinity Collapsible Dance hoops are 36″ or 40″ diameter, and Infinity Collapsible Exercise hoops are 38″ or 42″ diameter, with the same weight as our Weighted Exercise Hoops up to 2.0 lbs. Enjoy the convenience of taking your hoop anywhere you go. No assembly! Just twist the hoop, and it quickly swivels to an infinity shape, folding over to a convenient carrying size. Includes a reusable Velcro tie to keep your hoop in a tight circle when closed. This is the best collapsible hoop on the market by far!


LED Hoops

LED Hoops, our newest product, come in three cool color changing styles. Quality hoops at reasonable prices. Take the time to compare! At approximately 15 ounces and 36 inch - 34 inches in diameter, Canyon LED Hoops are ideal for kids, beginners and experts alike.

There lightweight facilitates hand and dance moves which brilliantly display the bright colors and patterns that make these hoops perfect for nighttime fun.

Canyon LED Hoops come in multiple styles, from the budget 14 led hoop to the 28 LED hoop for someone that wants a LOT of lights!