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Mirror Tape Fitness Hoop

Perfect for beginners wanting to learn to waist hoop and use their hoop for other full-body exercises such as squats, lunges, core, and arm exercises.  Beautifully taped, our handcrafted Mirror series fitness hoops are one of our newest designs.

  • Perfect for beginning adult hoopers!
  • The hoop is weighted to rotate a bit more slowly allowing you to master proper waist hooping movements.
  • Great weight* and size for exercises such as lunges, squats, shoulder and arm work.  Combine with waist hooping for a perfect total body workout
  • No knobs or waves in the tubing.  Smooth inner tubing hugs the body nicely as it rotates without bruising from knobs or wavy tubing.
  • The mirror taping looks beautiful as it spins.

    *Each of these hoops is “weighted” meaning that they are made from thicker heavier plastic, not the type of toy you would find at a dollar store.


    Small Adult

    This is a GREAT hoop for a beginner and someone looking for an overall hoop to use on a daily basis.

    Regular Adult

    This hoop is meant for people that are wanting something a bit heavier that might be used to one of those foam-padded hoops. This hoop is great if you are a bit on the larger size and looking to lose a bit of weight.



    • 3/4″ OD Polyethylene Tubing
    • 8 Color Options
    • 38″ – 42″ Diameter
    • Snap Button Connectors

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Hayley G.
    I love my hoop!

    The hoop feels so high quality — it’s sturdy but lightweight, fully circular, and well balanced. It also looks great! (I love the look of the red mirror tape hoop). I spent a good while researching where to purchase an adult-sized hula hoop and am glad I looked further than the heavier, collapsible, fad hoops that turn up in the early search results. This hoop feels well made and like it was actually designed to foster a sustainable hooping practice. It’s been a joy to break out when I’m feeling aimless and has proven to be a great source of fun, indoor cardio exercise that I can do in my small NYC apartment. 10/10 would recommend to a friend!

    Julia L Kersting
    Love it!

    Love my new hula hoop. It took some patience and encouragement to get the locking mechanism to engage, but I'm all set now. Thanks!

    Hoop Dreams

    Couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase! When my hoop arrived, it was identical to the picture online, very colorful and clean. I’ve used it almost daily and it has not bent or broken. I was also nervous it would be too big or too small for me to enjoy. It’s the perfect size.

    Carmen Navarro-Gao
    Hula Hula

    Excellent hoop!

    Barbara Dalbey
    Encircling Harmony

    My old weighted hoop died a good death, leakage. So I went searching on the net and found just what I needed Canyon Hoops. They provide hoops which meet everyone’s different needs to help you really enjoy exercise and feel better for it.