Body Hoops™ Weighted Fitness Hoop

$ 34.95 You Save: $-34.95 (100%)

Body Hoops™ Weighted Fitness Hoop

$ 34.95 You Save: $-34.95 (100%)
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Body Hoops flagship hoop and best choice for those looking to get a serious workout.


Bodyhoop™ Joy weighted hoop is the best choice for those looking to get a serious workout from hooping.


Body Hoop Specifications

  • Hoop is 36" in diameter
  • Hoop weighs 1 pound 12 ounces
  • Comes apart into 6 easy to carry sections
  • Made from strong light gauge stainless steel
  • Comes in Black & Green, Green & Grey, or Black & Grey
  • The hoop is covered in high-density foam for comfort

Green & Grey

Black & Grey



Green & Black 


Hoop Comes Apart in 6 Sections for Travel 

six section weighted hula hoop

What is unique about this weighted hoop compared to others is that it is lighter than most and it uses a metal interior instead of plastic. 

Using a lighter weighted hoop, compared to a 3+ pound one, can actually help get you results faster. This is because YOU are doing most of the work, whereas, with a heavier hoop, the hoop is doing more of the work for you. It's heavier weight means more centrifugal force, and it kind of keeps itself going. 

We wanted to get serious about our workouts, so we made a hoop that's lighter and will make you stronger, fitter and leaner. 




    Returns & Warranty

    Every hoop we make is custom made to order, meaning you order exactly what you want and we build it and ship it to you. Our hoops are not manufactured in a factory somewhere and thus since everything is custom to order, we do NOT except returns. However we do accept exchanges.We are reasonable people, so jsut reach out and lets chat!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Joanne A.
    Easy to put together, easy to use!

    Got my hoop a little over a week ago, and it's been fun and easy to use! No complaints. It seems sturdy and was pretty intuitive to put together. Not too heavy but definitely feels substantial.

    Nanci V
    So much fun!

    I'm 69 and LOVE adding hula hooping to my daily exercise routine! It's a great way to get my cardio in. Love it.

    No instructions how to use it

    It is a hoop ,it is padded so there is weight. However you didnt send any basic instructions on how to use it other than assembling. And you have a no return policy. So not really impressed and very disheartened guess just for youngsters not older folks.

    Sue Gatley
    Body Hoop

    Great quality product !

    Marc Inciardi
    Split foam

    I have a split in the foam shell after using it for about three minutes. There is nothing sharp that I hit, but obviously it hit something in the room such as a coffee table that split it. But they were new sharp edges. Disappointed in this quality.

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