Kids Hula Hoops - Super Snazzy

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Boogie Beetle

Our Child and Youth Hula Hoops are available in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and bright decorative tapes that kids love!  Sized and weighted perfectly to withstand hours of imaginative play. 

These hoops are made from 3/4″  I.D. 100 psi tubing that will stand up to the punishment of many hours of hooping, pulling, spinning, and whatever else your child’s imagination can come up with – unlike toy store hoops which get kinked and broken within minutes!


Size Suggestions

You can be sure that these hoops will work to make it easy to learn and fun to use.  These hoops are recommended for children up to about age 12.

We recommend the small adult exercise or a small dance hoop for your pre-teens and larger children, 90 pounds and up. Please note that not all colors shown in the pictures are always available.


  • Diameter Youth 32"
  • Weight: Youth approx.  16-18oz.
  • Durable 3/4″ I.D HDPE tubing
  • Decorative Tape Colors

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews

      I bought this 34" youth hoop as a present for my God-daughter and it came with two significant creases in the ring. This is likely due to poor flimsy plastic packaging. Can't be used now.


      I was looking for an inexpensive option for my daughter to hula hoop without her little brothers being able to bend and destroy it. This has held up great for a year and now we have ordered one for little brother too.


      I purchased the 34" hoop for my 5 year-old niece. She loves it and can already keep it going for a little while, so it's definitely a good option for a wee one :)


      My children had found hula hooping a lot of fun while we were away on vacation so I thought I would get them hoops for home and hope they continued the fun (and exercise). I researched hoops and found that most reviews found the hoops too light to use and knowing that that was a common problem with toys, I was pleased to find this site and after reviewing the reviews ordered two hoops. They were easy to put together (although I would note that putting my foot on the hoop to pull it up and directed caused me to bend the hoop, I would avoid that step, the hoop has a small dent but it does not effect its use). The kids love them and my 13 year old has been hooping since we got them.,


      I got a youth hoop for my niece and it was a huge hit.