Black Night

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Black Night

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Black Night weighted fitness hoop is one of our top sellers! 


Our hoops come either the standard 38" diameter or the larger 42" diameter. 


I'm a beginning hooper, how do I figure out what size to get?

The most general rule of thumb is to measure from the ground to your belly button and add 2-3 inches to that number. Just about everyone will have success with a 38" hoop. 

The 42" hoop is a good one if you are a bit on the heavier side.


Learning is easier with a larger hoop but we always recommend you work toward a smaller, lighter hoop as you progress for the additional aerobic benefits of a smaller hoop.

In addition, this hoop comes with our easy assembly snap button connector. Simply push the ends together until you hear the button “snap” into the opposite end and you’re ready to hoop. As always custom sizes and colors available on request.

Canyon Hoops have been designed to combine the ideal size and weight to help you lose weight, trim your waistline, build stamina, and improve your overall fitness level. The large size and weight make these hoops easy to initiate and maintain the hooping rotation. Backed by, a 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee, a one-year material and workmanship warranty and a lifetime No Kink, No Crush guarantee. With 12 years and over 100,000 hoops sold, we’re sure you’ll be happy with your new Canyon Weighted Exercise Hoop Decorative Tapes.



  • 1″ gaffers tape grips
  • Prismatic reflective or glitter decorative tapes
  • Easy assembly snap button connectors
  • 30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime No Kink/No Crush Guarantee
  • One year materials and workmanship guarantee


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We encourage you to take a look at the Hoop Fitness DVD  – Join ACE certified personal trainer Leigh Little as she takes you through a series of hoop exercise sequences designed to burn belly fat, trim inches from your waist and tone your entire body.


Returns & Warranty

Every hoop we make is custom made to order, meaning you order exactly what you want and we build it and ship it to you. Our hoops are not manufactured in a factory somewhere and thus since everything is custom to order, we do NOT except returns. However we do accept exchanges.We are reasonable people, so jsut reach out and lets chat!

Customer Reviews

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The Devine Ms M
A Kid Again!

After letting my beautiful new, well built, Black Night Hula Hoop "rest" for 24 hours, I tried hooping for the first time in maybe 65 years! Surprisingly, I could keep it going for a few rounds on the very first try! It's gonna take some practice at 75 years young, but I LOVE trying! I can't wait to see if it will help burn a few calories, increase my mobility and stamina, and maybe even trim down my waistline a little! What ever it does, it's super fun and makes me LOL like I did as a kid! Who couldn't use a few more laughs these days! Get one!

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