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Two in One Exercise Hoop

Two sizes in one hoop! Take the guesswork out of choosing your hoop size. Start out with the larger 42″ size then drop down to the 38″ size as your hooping skills progress.

Our best selling custom Two in One Fitness Hoop features a removable segment that can change your hoop from 42″ diameter to a 38″ hoop, then back again at the push of a button.



Take the guesswork out of choosing the right size by getting two hoops in one!  Learning is easier with a larger hoop but we always recommend you work toward a smaller, lighter hoop as you progress for the additional aerobic benefits of a smaller hoop.  The Two in One allows you to move back and forth between a larger and smaller hoop effortlessly.

Our Two in One Fitness Hoop features a variety of decorative glitter tapes supported by colorful one-inch gaffer tapes that provide extra grip for waist and off body hand hooping.

All our Exercise Hoops use our Core Activation Technology which has been developed over 10 years of trial and error and feedback from thousands of customers.  Our hoops are perfectly weighted and sized to maximize weight loss and still provide a fun exercise to help you lose weight, reduce your waistline and increase your overall health and vitality.

“The video on your site and the online sizing instructions convinced me to buy the hoop from you rather than any other vendor. Shipping time was speedy. I wondered how large a box you’d need to ship a hoop, but you had it cleverly (and securely) wrapped so it reduced the diameter by at least a third (I did not measure it ;-).  At almost 6′ tall, I haven’t hooped since I was a girl. I am enjoying re-learning how to hoop with the larger size hoop. Everyone I’ve shown it to, however, has remarked at how BIG it seems. So then I just show them how to remove the extra length of the hoop and that makes them smile.  I have only owned the hoop for a week so I can’t speak to durability, but I do like it well enough that I will be ordering one or two more as gifts. Pam 

  • 42" and 38" Hoop Diameter
  • Made from 3/4" OD - 160 PSI PE tubing
  • Easy push-button customizations


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Darra Rightmer
Love my new Hoop

I'm loving my new hoop - it is everything I expected plus some! Canyon Hoops will be my go to for all my future hoop purchases!

Hasn’t been delivered

Haven’t received the item

paul rosenstein
first time ‘hooper’ at 77yrs. ‘young'

No clue how to work it; watched videos, wife impressed! Up to about 18 spins before it drops…Sold on it, good construction, doing 15 minutes daily, some after soreness in hips but worth it for real!

Paula Peters

Great hoop, had to email regarding opening up the hoop, excellent response time.

Fun Exercise!

I couldn't say the last time I tried hula hooping, but I knew I wanted to try again. I found canyon hoops and took their quiz and decided to buy the two in one hoop. It was very surprising to find out that I can actually hula hoop! It took a couple tries, but it was very fulfilling finally getting it. This hoop came with good instructions and was packaged well. It is a fun form of exercise and I recommend it to anyone looking for a switch up in their exercise routine!