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What Hoop Size is Right for Me?

Beginning hoopers who want to learn hoop dance will find the 36″ size ideal for learning new tricks. The slightly larger 38″ diameter hoop rotates a little slower and makes it easier to learn. As you progress in your skills move to the 36″ size which makes those isolations, arm slides and escalator moves easier to handle.

We believe all hoopers should challenge themselves to get more out of hooping, dance, have fun, lose weight and get fit! We can customize the size and color combination of your choice.

Super Flexible and Responsive

This 3/4″ I.D. 100 psi Dance Hula Hoop is ideal for learning new tricks, performance and practice.  We’ve added a 1″ wide Gaffers tape for extra grip for isolations, breaks, on body and off body moves. With weights from 15 to 20 ounces and 36″and 38″ diameter hoops you can choose the hoop and color combination that is just right for you. If you are not quite ready to switch to our Ultra Flex or Polypro Dance Hoops super small and light hoops, this is the hoop for you.

With 12 plus years experience and over 100,000 hoops sold we’re sure you will love your Canyon Hoop. We offer a 30 day no questions asked return guarantee and a one year materials and workmanship guarantee. Buy with confidence.


Customer Reviews

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Dance Hoop

I absolutely love my hoop!!!! It’s perfect.


This is a great hula hoop (Dance Hula Hoop Control Flex). It is just the right size (36") and weight for me. They are made very well, and are sturdy. I will definitely order from Canyon Hoops again!


Absolutely thrilled with my hoop. Great quality and I can't stop hooping. The Canyon Hoops team also answered all of my questions about hooping via email both before and after I made the purchase. I will be buying another smaller size this week -- the largest size is ideal for a TRUE beginner, like if you've never used a hoop or danced before ever, but I'm definitely going to be moving to a lower size ASAP. The hoop I have is such good quality that I will be keeping it regardless! These are truly beautiful and functional hoops.


I purchased a 38" fluorescent glitter green hoop with blue gaffers. It is my first professional hoop, and I love it. I'm a 61 yr old beginner, and I found it difficult to find what I was looking for until I discovered Canyon Hoops. They let me choose exactly what I wanted. It was shipped immediately, and it was so easy to assemble once it arrived. I will be back again when I need more hoops.


This is my first real hoop. I was gifted a weighted hoop for x-mas and found it way to heavy, almost 3 lbs.
,,I purchased a 38"florescent green 17oz and I am loving it. This hoop is a good weight for me, as I am feeling no strain on my arms when switching directions. I am very pleased with this product and will recommend you to my Friends. I turn 61 in June and this is a new exercise routine for me your hoop has taken me a long ways in just one week.
,,Thank you :)