6 Minute Hula Hoop Workout

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6 Minute Hula Hoop Workout

This 6-minute hula hoop workout is designed with exercises in a specific order to fire your abs, glutes, and legs. 

  • If fat loss is your goal, there are 3 specific ways you can use this workout to maximize results. Number 2 may save you if you have a meal that’s not so, well, weight loss friendly! Look for these below the video.
  • This workout is suitable for all fitness levels and can be done with any hoop, although we recommend a weighted fitness hoop for this particular lower body hula hoop workout. We demonstrated this hula hoop workout sequence using our 2 in 1 Fitness Hoop, which easily takes your hoop from large to small with a push of a button. You can see how easy it is to go back and forth at 3:55 in the video.
  • And keeping with our theme last week, we used a 110 BPM (beats per minute) soundtrack. You can use one of the free music apps we recommended with a slower or faster soundtrack. Check out the music apps we recommended in our Top 15 Hooping Apps post.

See how easy it is to change the size of your hoop at 3:55 in the video! Find your perfect 2 in 1 Fitness Hoop!

Use Our Hula Hoop Workout Sequence To Maximize Fat Loss

Workout Method 1: Maximize Morning Fat Loss

A recent study from the UK published in the “British Journal of Nutrition” found that when subjects have fasted during morning cardio they burned 20 percent more fat than when they had a meal beforehand.

How does it work? After eating your last meal at night and going to bed, your body is in a “fasted” state. Your body shifts from using up its carbohydrate stores and glucose circulating in the blood and turns to use fat for fuel. Knocking out our hula hoop workout in a fasted, state, meaning no food or drink (black coffee is ok, but no added creamers, sweetener, or artificial sweeteners!) can help your body continue to utilize fat during your workout.

Does This Mean I Have to Do The Hula Hoop Workout In The Morning?

Nope! While the morning may be ideal, you can also use this protocol later in the day. Try to allow about 4 hours from the last meal to your workout time.

Workout Method 2: Minimize Your Ummm, Less Than Fat Loss Friendly Meal

We’re all going to have meals that are less than weight loss friendly. It’s just a fact of life. But we can use this exercise sequence to help avoid these extra carbs in your meal from being stored as fat. By activating what’s called Glut4, you’re allowing the body to shuttle glucose from the carbs to the muscle tissue where it’s needed instead of being stored as fat.

Try performing this workout an hour before your dinner or other higher carb meal.

Workout Method 3: Just Get It Done

If you are interested in health and wellness and want to lose a little weight in the process, for goodness sake just get the workout done. The two methods above are some super-specific tips and tricks, but if you are just starting out, it’s better to DO the workout at ANY time than say “I missed this magic fat-burning window so I won’t do it at all”.

Leigh Little,
Precision Nutrition Coach
ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Creator of the Hoop Fitness DVD

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