Dance Hoop

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Dance Hoop

$ 47.95 You Save: $-47.95 (100%)
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What Hoop Size is Right for Me?

Beginning hoopers who want to learn hoop dance will find the 36″ size ideal for learning new tricks. The slightly larger 38″ diameter hoop rotates a little slower and makes it easier to learn. As you progress in your skills move to the 36″ size which makes those isolations, arm slides and escalator moves easier to handle.

We believe all hoopers should challenge themselves to get more out of hooping, dance, have fun, lose weight and get fit! We can customize the size and color combination of your choice.

Super Flexible and Responsive

This 3/4″ I.D. 100 psi Dance Hoop is ideal for learning new tricks, performance and practice.  We’ve added a 1″ wide Gaffers tape for extra grip for isolations, breaks, on body and off body moves. With weights from 15 to 20 ounces and 36″and 38″ diameter hoops you can choose the hoop and color combination that is just right for you. If you are not quite ready to switch to our Ultra Flex or Polypro Dance Hoops super small and light hoops, this is the hoop for you.

With 12 plus years experience and over 100,000 hoops sold we’re sure you will love your Canyon Hoop. We offer a 30 day no questions asked return guarantee and a one year materials and workmanship guarantee. Buy with confidence.


Returns & Warranty

Every hoop we make is custom made to order, meaning you order exactly what you want and we build it and ship it to you. Our hoops are not manufactured in a factory somewhere and thus since everything is custom to order, we do NOT except returns. However we do accept exchanges.We are reasonable people, so jsut reach out and lets chat!

Customer Reviews

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Linda Summers
Hoop size

I may have ordered the wrong size hoops. Will know soon. Really like how these hoops snap together. My older hoops slid together and then you covered with extra tape.

Bonnie Kertman

I was given directions on the 15th on how to unwind the hoop, but we were already flying to San Francisco. So, the hoop is still on a large table at 73°F until we return after xmas. I'll contact you when I return, and it has hopefully relaxed enough to be one big circle.
Bonnie Kertman

Donna Rau


Ruby Ladd
Best Hoop Ever

Over the years I have purchased several dance hoops - for myself and for others. Canyon Hoops is the best, by far.

Candace Eilertson
Dance Hula Hoop

Enjoying my excellent hoop from Canyon Hoops! In fact, I've also ordered one for a friend whose anxious to try it. I think it will be a wonderful birthday gift!!

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