Infinity Collapsible Travel Hula Hoop

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Canyon's patented Infinity Collapsible Travel hoops allow you to take your hoop with you wherever and however you travel.

 The only US Patented infinity collapsible travel hula hoop that folds easily with no hoop segments or push buttons.  Smooth tubing in three sizes! 


  • Take Your Hoop Wherever You Go!
  • Our Infinity Collapsible Weighted Exercise Travel Hula Hoop is a full-sized adult hoop that folds down to a quarter of its area, approximately 20 to 23 inches.
  • The only US Patented infinity collapsible travel hula hoop.
  • No need to push buttons to connect or disconnect multiple hoop segments.
  • The infinity collapsible fitness travel hoop requires no assembly and is easy to use.
    • Your hoop will not separate or come apart during use.

      Easily Collapsed for Travel

      Our Infinity Collapsible Weighted Exercise Travel Hula Hoop is made from flexible and smooth weighted tubing in three sizes, from 40" in diameter to 44".  Along with the unique weighted tubing, each hoop has two patented swiveling connectors that allow the hoop to twist open and twist closed without damaging the tubing or the connectors. Simply the best collapsible hoop by far.



      • Collapses to 20-23″
      • Weighs approx. 24-32 oz.
      • Diameters 38" & 42",
      • Patented swivel connector technology
      • 1" Decorative Glitter Tapes
      • 1" Grip tape color combinations

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 59 reviews
        Great customer service

        I was excited to order my weighted hoop, but it arrived damaged. Customer service was quick to get a replacement out to me in sturdier packaging. Love my new hoop!


        I love my hoop! This is my 2nd from Canyon Hoops. They're so easy to travel with, fits right over the handle of my carry on suitcase (good conversation starter too! people always ask me what it is) and great quality. I recommend!


        I was a little intimidated by opening and closing this, but once I got brave enough, it was a breeze. Traveling with it now. I was able to put it in the overhead bin. Love that!


        This infinity collapsible hoop is just the greatest. It opens and closes with ease and is the envy of many of the hoopers of our group. I've dropped down from a 42 inch hoop to a 38 inch hoop and the difference is very noticeable. It is as easy to keep the hoop up and on my body as the larger hoop, but so much more light and easy to do tricks with. I just started to neck hoop and therein lies the difference. Now if I could only learn how to leg hoop and in the same movement bring the hoop back up to my waist and continue hooping without a pause. Fantastic hoop. Keep up the wonderful sales. Richard.


        I purchased this to take on a retreat where we were sitting a lot. I would take this outside for a movement break. Sturdy, easy to open and close, I highly recommended it for travel!