Dance Hula Hoop Advanced

Red & Black
Purple & Blue
Silver & Orange
Blue & Green

The best dance hoop for the best hoop dancers. Experienced hoopers look no further than the Canyon Dance Hula Hoop Advanced.


The 1/2″ I.D. pipe diameter Dance Hula Hoop Advanced is ideal as a personal dance and performance hoop for both body and hand hooping. Quick and responsive it is ideal for intermediate and experienced hoopers. Children and other small body types will also like the smaller, lighter more responsive hoop.

Choose Custom Color and Size Options

Many hooper’s find that the Dance Hula Hoop Advanced is a great alternative to Polypro hoops.  Polypro tends to become stiff and will actually crack in colder weather. Whether you are practicing or performing the Dance Hula Hoop Advanced will give you the performance you expect from a quality dance hoop. You can choose your overall hoop diameter and finally pick your favorite color combination from our large variety of decorative glitter and grip tape colors. Easy to assemble snap button connectors never come apart during use. While not designed to collapse by un-snapping they can be reduced in size for travel.



  • 1/2″ I.D. Pipe Diameter
  • 125 psi HDPE Tubing
  • 2 different diameter sizes: 34″, 36″, 38″
  • Decorative Glitter and Prismatic tape
  • Natural & neon colored 1/2″ grips


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
New hooper

Received my new hoop, followed the directions (must admit I looked at video online to make sure I did things correctly) and am now using my hoop regularly. I bought the silver with orange hoop. Am happy with it so far.


This is the fourth hoop I've purchased from Canyon Hoops. It's pretty and a perfect hoop for intermediate and advanced hoopers. I like that it does not have a push button closure which is just a matter of personal preference. I'm going to order another hoop soon!


Unfortunately, I ordered this hoop without knowing that I prefer the 3/4" tubing. The hoop was beautifully made, and when put together it was the perfect size. However, I had to return and ended up purchasing the infinity collapsable 36" which is 3/4" tubing.
,,I was impressed by the product, there was nothing wrong with it. Canyon hoops worked with me via e-mail to work out the return and new order.


I love my hoop so so so very much. I love the colors (I got black, silver, and pink). I thought I couldn't hula hoop anymore, but then I heard you have to get an actual adult size. The first time I tried my hoop, I could hoop again! It's so great! LOVE IT!


Love my hoop! I purchased this as a new way to exercise. It's fun and definitely a good workout. Dealing with Canyon Hoops was great. The quality of the hoop is better than I expected and it arrived when promised.