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September 29, 2019 4 min read

Why you can’t Hoop… and what you can do about it!

Perhaps you have fond memories of hula hooping as a child. It was a sunny day at the park and you had that perfect colorful circle whizzing around your torso. It was FUN, wasn’t it? You had the approval of your friends and parents because ‘hula hoops are for kids.’

Since then have you picked up one of those perfect colorful circles to find that you “can’t hoop” anymore? That the distant memory of accomplishment and fun has been replaced by a hoop that doesn’t do much more than get catapulted by gravity to the ground before you even had a chance?

If you are no longer a kid and you are feeling discouraged by hula hoops then know that you aren’t the only one. Let me also tell you that for every ounce of disappointment you have felt towards that ‘not so perfect’ colorful circle there is an equal ounce of joy and happiness to be had. Read on, and lets change that ‘I can’t hula hoop’ to ‘Yes!!! I can hula hoop!’



These hoops are great for kids, but way to small for on body hooping for adults!



One of the most basic qualities of a new hoop is the size. The size of your hoop makes ALL the difference. Eventually, you will know your favorite hoop size down to the inch! Hoop size also helps make certain tricks more accessible. Most adults try hooping again for the first time since childhood with a small ‘kids size’ hoop that comes from a major department store. These hoops are no longer suitable for you! Depending on your size a 36-40” in diameter fitness hoop could be a great place to start. A size-changing hoop is always a good option so you can discover over time what is best. Most kid hoops are around 24” in diameter! The size of your waist dictates what size hoop you will need. Bigger hoops are better for bigger waists! The bigger the hoop is the slower you will have to move to keep it up. We have a hoop sizing guide that can help you with the question of “what size hoop do I need?” and you can always write us at with more questions.




Weight is almost as important as size! A heavier hoop will move more slowly and give you time to react and keep the hoop up. The lighter the hoop, the faster you will have to move. However, just because a hoop is heavy doesn’t mean it is better. You will see lots of weighted fitness hoops on the market. It is important to get a hoop that is not too heavy! For a healthy body a 2.5-3 pound hoop could be fine but 3 pounds can be too heavy depending on your size and the health of your spine. Caution!! Anything above 3 pounds can be damaging to the spine. If you have a sensitive spine or have previously injured your spine a heavy hoop may not be for you!




How are you moving to keep the hoop up? The most common ways to keep a hula hoop up are to move side to side or forward and back with your hips. When you practice with your new hoop that is the right size and weight this will help inform which style of hooping you prefer more! Even though your hoop is a circle, circling the hips will NOT help you keep the hoop up easily. For example, when you press your hips to the right the next easy point of contact will be to your left. Focus on keeping the hoop up by meeting it where it is going to make contact with your body! You also want to make sure that when you first start your hoop spinning with your hands that the hoop is level to the ground!



See how this hoop is perfectly horizontal?




There are many different types of hoop tubing and this makes a big difference in how easy it is to keep your new hula hoop up. Bare polypro will be too light as a beginner hoop anyways, but the texture of the hoop is also very slippery. Slippery hoops will slide downwards a lot faster than grippy hoops like taped fitness hoops. What makes these hoops grip onto clothing and skin better is gaffer tape. Gaffer tape has the texture of fabric and often make up half of the tape on a fitness hoop. There are some tapes like vinyl and specialty tapes that are slick and won’t help you keep the hoop up. The type of tape on your hoop can make all the difference!! Likewise, the type of clothing that your are wearing can also make a big difference in how the hoop slides, or doesn’t, on your body.


The tape that looks like fabric there? That’s our friendly gaffer tape that will help you keep your hoop up!



This polypro hoop is beautiful, but it is a bit slippery and not the best choice for beginners!


But I am afraid of what others will think…


If you find that you love hooping but still have it in your mind that ‘hooping is for kids’ let me dispel this thought for you now. Hula hooping has been growing in popularity each and every year with adults and kids alike. Hula hooping is fun, can help you lose weight, and can be done at any age!


If you are on instagram or facebook you will find many videos of adults hooping. If you feel like you are the only hooper in town try finding fellow hoopers through different groups on Facebook, or look for a local class. If you don’t find anyone then maybe YOU can share the love of hooping by getting a fitness hoop DVD and inviting a friend over to give it a try!


No matter what, hooping will be what you make it. You can hoop because it brings you joy. You can hoop to burn calories. Or you can hoop because it’s a great way to get your friends together at the park on a sunny afternoon…this time with ‘big kid hoops.’


Hooping is great for kids and adults alike!