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Stars reviews Verified Purchase

I love my hoop! This is my 2nd from Canyon Hoops. They're so easy to travel with, fits right over the handle of my carry on suitcase (good conversation starter too! people always ask me what it is) and great quality. I recommend!

Stars reviews Verified Purchase

This is my first ever adult-sized hula hoop and boy, am I a happy hooper! I LOVE the PORTABILITY of this hoop. I bought it to stuff in a suitcase to take on a cruise with me. I haven't tried putting it in a suitcase yet, but it looks like it will fit in a large suitcase. But the thing I'm happiest about regarding the portability of this hoop is that IT FITS ON THE BACK OF MY BICYCLE strapped to the rack!! I'm a bicycle commuter (I don't own a car) and that means I can take this hoop almost everywhere! It collapses and opens easier than pie. I'm extremely happy with this hoop overall.

Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Great quality hoop. Fast shipping. I am recovering from a severe hip injury and wasn't sure I would be able to use or benefit from this, but I was wrong. It is easy and fun. The first few days caused a little tenderness but after that, I feel like my mobility has increased. Have also lost a few pounds! Opening and closing the hoop also took a little getting used to but now its easy. Construction is wonderful, LOVE this hoop!!

Super Bowl Combo

Posted by Brandon Huston on

Super Bowl Combo


In this challenge, we teach you a basic hoop dance combination using a half horizontal toss, pass, and reverse escalator kick out. You can use a dance hoop or weighted fitness hoop to perform this combination, but admittedly lighter dance hoops will be a bit easier than weighted fitness hoops.

Upload your photos or videos of you practicing the combination to your Facebook timeline or Instagram and use the hashtag #canyonhoopssuperbowl We will be featuring our favorites on our Facebook page during the Super Bowl on Sunday! All photos should be posted by Saturday, February 6 at 11pm PST for consideration.

Even if you don’t have the combination down, we really encourage you to post! We all have bloopers and massive fails, but part of this challenge is coming together to support, encourage, and learn from each other!

On Thursday, we will be releasing a second part to this series to finish out the combination!

We’ve included a timeline reference below the video so that you can quickly reference the tricks you want to come back to.

Super Bowl Dance Combination

0:44 See The Dance Combination

1:07 Learn the Half Horizontal Toss

2:15 Learn the Pass

3:04 Slow Motion Pass

3:19 Learn the Reverse Escalator

6:00 Slow Motion Reverse Escalator

6:39 Reverse Escalator – Look at the Legs

7:43 Putting the Combination Together

See The Combo with a Fitness Hoop

This Challenge Contributed by:

Leigh Little
ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

For new videos, find me on Instagram: @leighdavislittle
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