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September 29, 2019 3 min read

Winter weather and small spaces don’t have to derail your hoop dance and fitness progress. So many of you have asked for hoop tricks and exercises you can do with your fitness and dance hoops inside small spaces. So today, we’ve compiled a list of hoop tricks and exercises to try that will keep you on track without breaking a lamp in the process!

#1 One Handed Basic Isolation

A one handed basic isolation involves using your hand to revolve your hoop around a center point, making sure to not spin the hoop around your hand. A masterful isolation can give off the illusion that your hoop is floating or suspended in mid-air. (Source:

Recommended Hoops: Dance and Performance Hoops, Weighted Fitness Hoopswill be okay, but will provide more intensive shoulder work. Use caution with weighted fitness hoops if you’ve had shoulder injuries.

#2 Belly Breaks

Learn drills to keep your hands busy while waist hooping and the basic belly break. Appropriate hoops include both weighted fitness hoops and dance and performance hoops.

Recommended Hoops: Weighted Fitness Hoops, All Dance and Performance Hoops

#3 Knee Hooping

How to Hoop For Beginners hooping around your legs/knees. A hoop dance trick that involves hooping on both legs above your knee region. Learn various tips and techniques in this tutorial on how to leg hoop by Hoopsmiles, aka Jon Coyne. The music in this video is by Jon Coyne.

Recommended Hoops: All Dance and Performance Hoops. Weighted fitness hoops will be too heavy and can cause bruising.

#4 Vertical Hooping

This tutorial walks you through the basics of vertical hooping. Because the hoop is contained around your body, it’s unlikely to fly off and hit anything in the process!

Recommended Hoops: All Dance and Performance Hoops.

#5 Vertical Step Through (With and Without Hands)

I love this video for the adorable chickens in the background alone. But aside from that, Valdemar walks you through how to perform a vertical step through with the hoop and on to a hands free step through. Say whaaaaaat? Crazy cool.

Recommended Hoops: All dance and performance hoops. The basic step through can be practiced with a fitness hoop as well.

#6 Hot Hoop Trick: Wedgies

Wedgies are super hot hoop tricks right now.

Recommended Hoops: Definitely use your lighter dance hoops for this one – polypros are optimal. Go slow to prevent bruising.

#7 Shoulder Hooping

Learn how to shoulder hoop. Shoulder hooping is a basic hoop trick prerequisite for #8 Breaks and Paddles.

Recommended Hoops: All Dance and Performance Hoops. The first part of the drills can also be done with weighted fitness hoops.

#8 Breaks and Paddles

This is a drill for one pattern of doing breaks and paddles. This is a simple pattern one can learn to do slowly and then speed up or to which one can add squats or leg lifts. (Source: Caroleena)

Recommended Hoops: Any dance and performance hoops.

#9 Squat Drills with the Hoop

Your glute muscles (made up of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus) are the strongest muscle group in the body and activating them is important. Glute exercises boost your metabolism, leaning your entire body out, and do a fabulous job of working your core at the same time. Here are two squat variations you can try with your hoop.

Recommended Hoops: All weighted fitness hoopsand dance and performance hoops.

Leigh Little,
Precision Nutrition Coach
ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Creator of the Hoop Fitness DVD

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